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Another corporate event is just around the corner and you’re trying to come up with a good menu to please all of your guests. Food is the best type of motivator so let’s take a look at a few menu options below.

Early morning events or meetings are a tough one. If you Consider a Mexican Style breakfast featuring chilaquiles, chorizo and eggs or and assortment of breakfast burritos. You have a perfect morning corporate catering menu.

Our lunches feature favorites such as Chile verde, roasted chicken, Camarones Rancheros, Tortas, Burritos and much more. These dishes are the perfect choice for business meetings or large event. If you’re looking for something lighter we offer  delicious salads too.

Fresco Catering’s lunch delivery is a delicious way to meet the hunger needs of your guests and satisfying the cravings at the office.

Want something different? Fresco Catering offers a cook on site Taco Cart, where the smell of freshly grilled jalapeños and onions is an experience your guests are not going to forget.

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